Nextcloud Hub 5: Groovy Self-Hosted AI-Powered Workspace!

Aditya Tyagi
4 min readAug 3, 2023

Step aside, mundane workspaces!

Nextcloud Hub 5 is here🎊 to rock your world with its open source & self-hosted digital workspace fully powered by AI🦾.

Nextcloud Hub 5

We have seen Nextcloud evolve and flourish over the past few years, steadily making its mark as a leading player in the realm of digital workspaces. With the recent release of Nextcloud Hub 5, the platform takes a giant leap forward, asserting its position as a self-hosted, AI-powered collaboration powerhouse.

In a world where data sovereignty and security have become paramount concerns, Nextcloud’s open-source ethos stands out, offering a refreshing alternative to closed and proprietary solutions. Completely based on Open Source and with a focus on empowering individuals, businesses, and organisations to take back control over their data, Nextcloud Hub 5 introduces a plethora of AI features and integrations without compromising on confidentiality.

Frank Karlitschek, CEO at Nextcloud Hub 5 launch event recently.

While AI offers incredible opportunities to improve the productivity of employees, the risks are equally large. I’m extremely proud that Nextcloud is the first in the industry to offer these capabilities without compromising the security and confidentiality of sensitive data. ~ Frank Karlitschek, CEO at Nextcloud

Let’s delve into the exciting new possibilities this release brings.

AI Features and Integrations:

Nextcloud Hub 5 introduces a range of user-friendly AI features accessible through the Smart Picker, seamlessly integrated into all major apps. The best part? These AI features run on your server, ensuring no data leaks to third parties. Some notable AI capabilities include:

1. Smart Inbox in Mail and Related Resources: Streamlining email management and organising related resources efficiently.
2. Face and Object Recognition in Nextcloud Photos: Enhancing image organisation and retrieval based on recognised faces and objects.
3. Background Images and Blurring in Nextcloud Talk: Customising video call backgrounds to set the right ambiance.
4. Image Generation Based on a Prompt: Automatically generating images based on user prompts.

Image generation

5. Translation with Nextcloud Translate: Integrated translation feature in Nextcloud Talk and Nextcloud Text for multilingual communication.


6. Nextcloud Dictation for Voice Recognition: Voice recognition integrated across Nextcloud Hub for effortless transcription and interaction.

Ethical AI Initiative:
Nextcloud’s Ethical AI initiative ensures transparency in training models and data, providing users with confidence in the ethical use of AI within their digital workspaces.

Nextcloud’s Ethical AI

Use Cases and Benefits:

  1. Boosting Productivity: AI-powered features facilitate seamless workflows and task automation, enabling employees to focus on high-value tasks.
    2. Secure Collaboration: Self-hosted AI ensures data privacy, making Nextcloud Hub 5 suitable for organizations handling sensitive information.
    3. Multilingual & Enhanced Communication: Nextcloud Translate’s AI-driven translation fosters effective communication among diverse teams speaking different languages. Nextcloud Talk’s AI-driven translation enables smooth communication across language barriers, supporting global collaborations.
    4. Streamlined Image Management: Face and object recognition help organize and retrieve photos effortlessly, saving time and effort.
    5. Simplified Task Automation: Automate actions based on tags, enabling features like chat messages upon file changes or PDF conversion.
Nextcloud Hub 5 Launch

User Experiences:

Companies and organisations worldwide are embracing Nextcloud Hub 5 for its robust AI capabilities, empowering users to work efficiently without compromising data security. The Ethical AI initiative has garnered praise, demonstrating a commitment to responsible AI adoption. Users laud the simplicity of implementing AI features through the Smart Picker, making AI accessible to everyone without technical expertise. Embracing the open source philosophy, users revel in the freedom of a self-hosted workspace that puts them in charge of their digital destiny. Talking funky way, the open source community adds a splash of color to the dance, supporting users with vibrant plugins, themes, and a spirit of cooperation.


Nextcloud Hub 5’s groundbreaking release marks a significant milestone in the world of self-hosted AI-powered digital workspaces. Empowering users with an array of user-friendly AI features, Nextcloud sets a new standard for productivity, security, and collaboration. As more organizations embrace this revolutionary technology, Nextcloud continues to pave the way towards digital sovereignty and data control in an AI-driven world.

So, let’s embrace the future of collaboration and productivity with Nextcloud Hub 5, the self-hosted AI-powered digital workspace that puts users in control.

Go and use Nextcloud Hub 5🩵 today and unlock🎉 the potential of your self-hosted AI-powered🦾 digital workspace🗓️!



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