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In a world where effective collaboration and data security are paramount, Nextcloud Hub 6 emerges as a powerful solution that elevates both collaborative work and digital sovereignty.

Nextcloud Hub 6

In this article, we’ll delve into the impressive features and improvements of Nextcloud Hub 6 that make it a versatile and indispensable platform for users across the spectrum.

Trust, Transparency, and Collaboration

The Nextcloud Hub 6 launch event was a grand spectacle, marked by enlightening talks and captivating demonstrations. The theme, “Trust, Transparency, Together,” underscored Nextcloud’s commitment to community, data privacy, and the collective effort to create a safer digital world.

Keynote Speakers

The event featured three distinguished keynote speakers who resonated with the theme:

  1. Simon Phipps: A renowned expert in Open Source and digital rights, Simon Phipps emphasized the pivotal role of open-source software in establishing trust among users.
  2. Katrin Fritsch: A sustainability advocate, Katrin Fritsch highlighted the intersection of technology and eco-friendly internet initiatives, with Nextcloud as a driving force behind a just and environmentally conscious digital landscape.
  3. Max Schrems: A prominent figure in the legal battle for privacy in Europe, Max Schrems addressed the challenges and solutions pertaining to transatlantic data privacy.
Nextcloud Hub 6 Launch Event

The Power of Nextcloud Hub

Nextcloud Hub 6 has evolved into a robust collaboration platform that empowers organizations and individuals to work seamlessly while ensuring data privacy. It caters to a wide spectrum of users, including NGOs, educational institutions, governments, tech enthusiasts, and countless companies and organizations relying on it for remote work and secure collaboration.

Highlights of Nextcloud Hub 6

The presentation highlighted seven key areas of improvement in Nextcloud Hub 6:

1. Enhanced File Management

  • A revamped file selection dialog simplifies sharing.
  • Sharing is now easier with options like expiration dates, passwords, and notes.
  • Quick access to older file versions and side-by-side version comparison.
  • Mobile app enhancements for faster access and added functionality, including photo editing and geolocation tagging.

2. Streamlined Communication with Nextcloud Talk

  • Simplified message notifications for tracking who joins and leaves conversations.
  • Introducing a snooze feature for essential messages.
  • Improved conversation discovery and prioritized message delivery.
  • Automatic notifications for meetings exceeding one hour.
  • Speaker duration tracking to ensure balanced interactions.
  • Real-time task tracking during calls with a convenient thumbs-up emoji confirmation.
  • Post-call summaries for swift reviews and efficient task management.

3. Boosting Productivity with Nextcloud Groupware

  • Seamless integration between Nextcloud Talk and Calendar for effortless meeting scheduling.
  • Efficient knowledge base management with Nextcloud Collectives.
  • Easy creation and modification of table styles in presentations and drawings.
  • Faster loading times and reduced resource consumption in Nextcloud Office apps.

4. Ethical AI and an AI Rating System

  • Introduction of an Ethical AI Rating System that offers transparency and choice to users.
  • Integration of AI features, with a strong emphasis on local and open-source options.
  • Excitingly, the release includes an on-premise AI assistant fully integrated into Nextcloud Hub 6, offering a privacy-focused solution for users.

Data Sovereignty and Privacy

1. Private AI

Nextcloud Hub 6 introduces the Nextcloud Assistant, a monumental step in AI integration. What sets it apart is its unwavering commitment to data privacy — user data is never sent to third-party services. This dedication to data privacy positions Nextcloud as a unique and highly secure platform.

AI in Nextcloud Hub 6

2. On-Premises AI Capabilities

The Nextcloud Assistant’s on-premises AI capabilities empower users to leverage AI without compromising data security. Users can generate content, summarize information, and perform translations directly within Nextcloud Hub, all while knowing their data is shielded from external entities.

3. Government Integration

Nextcloud Hub 6 caters to governments and organizations with stringent data sovereignty requirements. It offers enhanced security and data control, making it a dependable choice for those who prioritize digital sovereignty.


Nextcloud Hub 6 represents a quantum leap in redefining collaboration and data sovereignty. With thoughtful features designed for efficient meetings, customizable notifications, streamlined task management, and enhanced document collaboration, it has become an indispensable tool for businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions.

Nextcloud on iOS/Android

Moreover, Nextcloud’s unwavering commitment to data privacy, exemplified by its private AI and on-premises AI capabilities, sets it apart as a beacon of security and trustworthiness in a crowded field of collaboration platforms.



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